Monday, April 26, 2010

{Ideas} Getting crafty with envelopes!

How does she do it? Martha Stewart's endless imagination! I found this cute idea to add a little personality to something as simple as an envelope.

"These handmade envelopes, fashioned from magazine pages and wrapping paper, are great for holiday letters or flat gifts, such as CDs. Unfold a regular envelope. Choose patterned paper larger than the envelope (or stick mismatched pieces together with glue). Trace the envelope onto the paper, fold (use envelope as a guide), and secure with glue stick. If mailing, add a label." {Martha Stewart, credit here}

G U E S S W H A T ? Remember the post revealing a raffle for GOTR and the sweet Mary Gaertner here? Well, she reached her goal!! So excited for her!! There is still time to donate just $5 (to a great cause nonetheless!) and enter yourself to win the awesome personalized Bella raffle!!

Have a great Monday!!
xo, Alicia

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