Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday to you! And how was your weekend? Like I mentioned on Friday last week, I went to a barbecue for the Fourth of July and I was supposed to bring a dessert to be judged by those attending. Everyone dropped their vote in a hat for the best dessert, and the prize was a water gun/super soaker:)

I brought some patriotic oreo truffles (the photo above was what remained post-barbecue). I didn't win (some yogurt parfaits with strawberries + blueberries did...guess the attendees like it a little healthier), but these did get some rave reviews. I found the recipe on Bakerella's site here, in case you want to try to win a dessert competition in the future:) Maybe you will have better luck!

xo, Alicia

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  1. Yeah, who would go for yogurt parfaits. They need to enjoy life more:) I thought your dessert was great even a week later.


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