Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Weekend + Happy Fourth!

Happy Weekend to you! What are your plans? I have a barbecue to attend on Sunday for the Fourth of July and I am supposed to bring a dessert that will be judged alongside several others for which one tastes the best. While I would love to just bring s'mores (seriously, so good!), I am thinking something else. Maybe you can help me? What do you think I should bring?

After you've answered that question, here are some links so that you can spend some quality time in front of your computer:

*all kinds of things for independence day + summer

*a splendid list of july 4th inspiration

*what is on my desktop right now

*absolutely gorgeous dresses

Have a great weekend! See you on Monday!
xo, Alicia

[photo credit: bakerella]

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  1. Hmmm...not sure what you should take. I'm nervous for you just thinking about being judged. :) You'll have to let us know what you ended up taking for your bbq. I hope you have a lovely weekend. ♥


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