Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday Trend : Rompers!

Hi and happy Tuesday! I was in Target the other night with my husband and as we were perusing through the women's clothing section, a sweet little romper caught my eye. We bought it because Patrick really liked it. [Okay fine, honey, we'll buy some clothes for me...:)] But...I don't have a photo of it [sorry! there were no photos of it online and I haven't put any makeup on yet and thus didn't want to take a photo of myself in it!:)]

I'm not sure where I first started liking the look of rompers, but just yesterday Anne from The City Sage posted about a new romper (she called it a onesie) that she had received and took some photos of herself wearing it (so cute!).

Angie from You Look Fab also posted about jumpsuits/rompers (lots of terms for them!) yesterday. She said, "While I don’t loathe the look — it has a certain glamorous disco 70’s James Bond and Charlie’s Angels charm about it — I still vote nay for practical reasons. I cannot get my head around the the laborious effort of taking it off every time nature calls, not to mention the chilly draft."

I think they are absolutely so fun. I definitely have a rectangular body shape (based on what what it says here and here), which is one of the "easiest to dress of all body types," according to Angie. Very exciting stuff...a lot of times I don't try things on before leaving the store...which sometimes of course ends up very badly! Luckily, with this romper purchase (I didn't try it on in the store), it turned out a winner. I tried it on once I got home and I really like it.

So, in the end, I would say that I am a fan of this look. What about you? What do you think? Would you wear one or no?

xo, Alicia

{Photo credits: 1) J.Crew, Stripe Long-Sleeve Romper, on sale $39.99; 2) J.Crew, Silk Romper, $98; 3) Anthropologie, Pina Colada Jumper, $78; 4) Target, Button Front Halter Romper, $19.99; 5) Target, Chambray Romper, $19.99}


  1. I like them. I have a jumpsuit, which I prefer to the romper because of my age. When it comes to clothes, practicality is not that important to me. It's more important to me to look good and have fun, take risks with fashion!

  2. Oh how I wish we had a Target in Canada, lol!!

    Thanks again so much dearie, there is a shout out for you over on my blog.

    Hope you had a fantastic weekend :)

  3. Hi Alicia! I really like rompers on others, but I fear that I'm too old to pull this look off, sadly, I think it would look like I was trying too hard! Anyway, found your blog through One Crafty Fox, I like what I see and I'm your newest follower! XO!

  4. Hi there! We live close to Savannah, but I grew up in Atlanta! Gotta love the ATL! XO!

  5. How cute! My husband + I saw them at Target the other day, too (I love them). I fell for the blue striped one, it's so perfect for summer.

  6. I like rompers, but I'm too intimidated to wear them!! I really like your blog it is absolutely adorable!!

    Have a lovely weekend.

    :) Hazel

  7. @ alli- they are perfect for summer! i love mine.

    @ hazel- thanks for stopping by! i'm sure you would love it--just try a few on and you will fall in love:) have a great day!


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