Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Monday! {My favorite photos stolen from someone who got to go to the National Stationery Show!}

Whew...long title! Happy Monday to start--hope your weekend was great! We celebrated my dad's birthday yesterday with most of my family. Great company and great weather (after a torrential downpour/thunderstorm on Friday evening)!

Next off, last week was the National Stationery Show (NSS) in NYC. I didn't go to it, but I lived vicariously through all the bloggers who DID get to go and shared loads of amazing photos! It looks awesome and being pretty new to the industry myself this year, I was very inspired by the booth setups and by the products themselves. Here are a few of my favorites from blogger Nole of Oh So Beautiful Paper:

No. 1: First up is Sycamore Street Press...

Look at how great their booth is...I just love the garlands hanging on either side of their sign. I also love how they carry the same look throughout the booth with their use of rope to hang the sign as well as the frames containing their gorgeous paper products!

No. 2: Next up is Two Trick Pony.

Their setup is soo fun and whimsical! I LOVE all the color and the groupings they set up. Of course the bunting hanging above their logo is adorable as well!

No. 3: Night Owl Paper Goods also caught my eye...

Again, I love the color and I really like the order of them all lined up in a row! It is so important to have a great display for your products so that consumers can see what you have to offer while at the same time making it look attractive. Most of the photos I'm sharing are because the booth and display caught my eye as I was scrolling through DOZENS of excellent pictures.

No. 4: Avie Designs is the fourth and final shop I'll be sharing.

These little packages in the bottom photo are absolutely adorable! Love the patterns of the wrap and the gorgeous contrasting ribbon detail.

Thanks for reading! Which one is your favorite??

xo, Alicia

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{Photo credits: all photos by Oh So Beautiful Paper}

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