Monday, May 3, 2010

{Raffle} Winner!

Hey hey and happy Monday! Another new week!

(photo via Facebook)

Yesterday, Mary finished her first marathon right in Cincinnati at the Flying Pig. 26.2 a thunderstorm no less! Wow! What a feat.

Since Mary has finished her marathon, that also means that it's time to announce the winner of the raffle! And that winner is...Susan Kleiman!! Thanks to everyone who participated and helped Mary go above and beyond her goal in her fundraising efforts for Girls on the Run! Great job!

If this isn't inspiration to get through this week, I don't know what is:) I haven't run a race in about a year and a half, so I was looking into races last night. I found a half marathon (not quite ready for the full...YET) in Greenville, SC (tried to find places where I know I would have someone to stay with and my sister lives there!). Do you have recommendations for your favorite race? What is your best race story?

Make it a great week!

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