Thursday, May 20, 2010

{Feel-Good Things}

I liked this idea so much last week (I stole it from another blogger) that I thought that I might do it again this week!

Three feel-good things you can do right now:

No. 1: Take a walk in the park or have lunch with a friend. We are always always on the go go, and our bodies NEED time away from our work, our errands, our stress! Take twenty minutes out of your day and do something where you don't think about your to-do list. Your six hours of sleep through the night aren't enough to let your body recuperate. Be good to this body of yours! {Warning: cliche coming} It's the only one you'll get!

No. 2: On a similar note, another thing to help you feel good right now (and later on!) is trying a little physical activity, namely, Pilates. If you aren't already familiar with this wide-sweeping phenomenon that is gaining in popularity everywhere, you are in for a treat! This method of movement targets your core (where most of us say our trouble spots are!), balances your musculature, and leaves you feeling long and lean. Try doing a few moves, right by your computer from this site. P.S. Anyone can do this!

No. 3: Spoil yourself with a simple pleasure. Get a fancy soap to create a luxurious bubble bath. Paint your fingernails (always makes me feel so girly!). Treat yourself to 2% milk instead of nonfat at Starbucks (truth be told you will find there is a huge difference in taste plus it fills you up a lot more! you might not go back!).

Hope this has inspired you to do something to feel better and take care of yourself! Now it's your turn...what kinds of things do YOU do for yourself? xo, Alicia

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Image credits: 1. Jen Siegrist of jlynne photography; 2. Pilates; 3. Lippincott Soap Co.; 4. Sandra Lane found on

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  1. I love feel-good lists like this. I need to do the second one more often, for sure.


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