Thursday, May 13, 2010

Easy tips to brighten your day

Hello hello and happy Thursday! I was reading through my blogroll this morning and found this great guest post at Oh, Hello, Friend about how to brighten your day, right now. I LOVE that idea. We all need something to keep us going, to get through the day. These ideas are not revolutionary, but will definitely revolutionize your day as you give to others and make the world a little bit better, one small act at a time.

Here are my favorites from the post:

* Bake something from scratch. There's something endlessly satisfying in creating something from nothing, and all the better if it's delicious and makes your whole house (or impossibly tiny apartment...) smell positively heavenly.

{congo bars via}

I have had this desire to make something from scratch (I don't cook or bake very much...), especially since I found Tartelette. I wish I was better in the kitchen, but I'm thinking I should just have a go at one of these recipes. Maybe I'll start with the Congo Bars photographed above!

* Start a quote collection. Get a fresh, new, blank little notebook, and write down your favorite quote in the world. Fill it up with all the best, most inspiring quotes in the world, and then start Volume II.

{lime green modern tweet sketchbook via parksideharmony}

I like this idea. I always have a few journals lying around, but I have never been good at journaling. Writing down my favorite quotes though? Inspiring!!

* Plan a trip. Whether you're going to Romania, Rhode Island, or just somewhere 'round the corner, there's a thrill to had in travel. Make it an event, and you'll be looking forward to it between now and then.

On my list of things to do this year (I hate the word resolution--we should think of them as "goals," don't you think?) is to travel somewhere I've never been! I've never been to Canada. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. Patrick (my husband) and I are planning a trip to Toronto once he's done with his summer term! If you have any recommendations of things to do while up there (or where to stay...hostels maybe?), let me know! I don't really know anything about the area!

* Write somebody a letter. No - not an e-mail, an honest-to-goodness handwritten letter. Now put it in an envelope, address it, and stamp it. Mail it, even if they live just a few miles away. You've just mailed an impending smile!

{Oh Hello! Card via bellacardcompany}

It really is exciting when you check your mail and see something hand-addressed to you, isn't it?! I love that feeling. Who can you send a card to this week??

Hope your day is good--tomorrow is Friday!


  1. Oh, hello! What a wonderful way to start my day. You're the 2nd blog I've looked at today, and both speak of what can be done for others. Love it, thank you.

  2. Hey Alicia - Thanks so much for posting about my list, and I'm glad you enjoyed it!!! On an unrelated note, I live in Lexington and go to Cincinnati every couple months to hit up Trader Joe's!

    - Lindsay

  3. yeah Trader Joe's! i love it! and i'm always driving through Lexington because my sister lives in greenville, sc! haha maybe we've seen each other before!

  4. I really would love to do the pilates. I am going to look and see if I can find anywhere near me that has classes. Although I'm not getting my hopes up. I wish you lived closer so you could teach me!

  5. Alicia! I have given you a blog award. See here:


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