Thursday, March 11, 2010


I just started a twitter account for Bella Card Company (plug: follow here!) and started following some people/companies whose blogs are currently in my reader. I loved this article about reinventing things with DIY projects around the house that @ihearthandmade retweeted from @SunsetMag.

My personal favorites from the article were:

Plates become wall artistic twist on displaying plates individually as art themselves--why not create a beautiful display using the plates collectively?

I've been looking for a traditional coat rack for some time now, so I really like this idea--a piece of driftwood becomes a place to hang your coat or bag. Looks very Pottery Barn-esque to me. Now if only I lived close to the ocean to find such a piece!

This is a terrific idea--utilizing a sliding closet area as a little office. I don't have any closets like this, but if I did, I think I know what I would do with it!

Simply gorgeous and elegant--but it's just a wire basket with a few votives and decorative accessories added! Lovely!

And this one is just some calendar images that were matted and framed. You could do this with anything--including cute little cards (like the ones I sell in my shop!)

Hope your week has been a good one!

xo, Alicia


  1. Those are some really neat ideas, especially the hanging basket. I would have never though of anything like that.

  2. thanks for the comment, Elizabeth! and yes, they are such great ideas:)


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