Thursday, August 19, 2010

High Street Market: Cincinnati

High Street, located just north of downtown Cincinnati, is an award-winning design studio + an urban lifestyle store. They encourage people "to hunt for fierce objects they can relate to...+ expect intelligent design to follow." While a lot of their pieces are definitely modern, I love how their design portfolio covers traditional spaces as well (quite seamlessly too!). So if you're in Cincinnati in the near future, definitely put High Street on your must-see list + stop by! But lucky for you if you're not visiting my city soon, their online shop is now open!


  1. i drive by there every day on the way to work. i've always wanted to go in. now that i see their website, it makes me want to check it out even more!

  2. hey Katie! hope you + Brent are doing well as you prepare to head south for a little while :)


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