Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy Monday + End of Summer Sales

Happy, happy Monday! A new week = a fresh start. That's the best way to go into a new week, isn't it? Thinking of what you can accomplish + going after it!

It was a good weekend for me. I went to my first hot yoga session ever, and, well, it was HOT. I couldn't believe how much I could sweat, but I felt so great afterward. And then felt so sore the next day. In only the best way possible, though. I also went to a baby shower of a dear friend (who ended up having her baby later that night! how crazy + exciting!) and then got together with family for a pizza + movie night.

I also did a little cleaning in my closet + got rid of so many things that I hadn't worn in a while or that had just gotten a little too much use through the years. Which made me think about what new staples I should think about getting. Which meant some online window shopping!

The best part of this collection above is that these are all part of the sale section of their respective stores. If only my bank account were a little larger to allow for ALL of these beautiful things to be on their way to me right now!

Have a great Monday!
xo, Alicia

[Where to find it: 1. Nordstrom denim shorts; 2. Anusha shoes; 3. J.Crew colorful belt; 4.
Nordstrom hooded trench coat; 5. J.Crew lightweight cardigan; 6.
J.Crew bloomers; 7. J.Crew necklace; 8. J.Crew silk tank]


  1. you and me both!!!!! I love the jacket!

  2. Love that J.crew silk top! And it's like my fave color. ;)

  3. Love your little weekend recap. It feels so rewarding to clean out closets! I made a pile of stuff for goodwill this weekend...would love to replace it with some of these cute things you found!

  4. What a fun and exciting weekend you had and I'd love to try hot yoga sometime...I love the sauna at the gym so I'm sure I'd love the hot yoga! Such lovely items you've picked out here...I wish my bank account had more money in it as well.

  5. i have been doing bikram yoga for about a year now and i absolutely love it!

    i'm so excited for the end of summer sales... i love that j. crew silk tank!

  6. Oh man, you've gotta love end of summer sales! I love those denim shorts especially.


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