Tuesday, April 13, 2010


{photos via Fernando Maclen}

Happy Tuesday! If I didn't grab your attention with that title, I don't know what will! Admit it, we all have this love affair with Starbucks--not just because they serve a great cup of coffee (or an awesome latte if that's your fix), but because of what they stand for. We pay a premium price for our drink because of the amazing service (usually...haha!), the atmosphere, and because we can feel good about our purchases knowing that Starbucks gives back.

For example, this project called The Big Picture: A Green Project. The video is pretty cool, but even cooler is that you can go into your closest Starbucks on April 15 (a treat on tax day?), bring in a travel mug (or buy one while you're there), and get a free cup of fresh brewed coffee!! Save money AND save trees at the same time (plus your coffee stays MUCH warmer!) Bonus: every other day of the year you get a discount on your drink for bringing in a tumbler/travel mug!

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