Tuesday, March 2, 2010

{March} Get Organized!!

With the opening of my etsy shop almost a month ago, I have turned the counter on my bar into something of a mess:

My "organized" chaos
What's inside that blue shopping bag in the photo above

So now you have the inside peek into what it looks like where all your pretty cards are made and assembled! What a mess!

I have been torn between just going with this, and then splurging to create more of a workable, pretty space. My frugal self says that it's not necessary and I can suck it up, but then when I look at it, I think, "Oh my, I can't take this anymore! It's soo messy!!"

Yesterday I took my very first trip to The Container Store with Patrick. I told him about my internal dilemma as we were driving around close by to this amazing store, and he told me, "Well it doesn't hurt to look. We don't have to spend a ton of money, plus we can just get ideas to begin with." Thanks for the common sense, Patrick! :)

The Container Store is actually having their "Work Smart Office Sale" right now, and I was truly inspired when I left. I didn't buy anything, but I took their sale catalog home to look through and think about how I could organize that stuff above. Patrick was right--it didn't hurt to look! In fact, it helped a lot!!

In the meantime while I plot and plan, here are some photos of really great workspaces:

It's nice to have some inspiration for the small space that I have to work with. I read someone's suggestion to try buying some IKEA countertops and add legs for a quick, easy, and cheap fix for a nice space to start from scratch with!

Have a lovely Tuesday!


  1. do you guys have ikea? they are cheap cheap and have great organizational tools and desks and shelves! ... just an idea! we LOVE ikea!

  2. Hi! Yes, we do have an IKEA store just north of Cincinnati in West Chester. I am not the biggest fan of walking around the store myself, but sometimes I have to be brave and do it for a deal:)

    And by the by, Kate--where do I know you from?

    Thanks for the tip!!


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