Thursday, February 11, 2010


Hi everyone!

Yesterday was the first day that I hadn't received an order online--I was so stressed out, thinking what am I doing wrong?? What can I do to make people buy my things!?! Come on, marketing degree, WORK! Seriously, if anyone can freak out, it's me.

Then today my good friend Brittany bought something, and I got two calls out of the blue from friends and relatives asking me to make them business cards!

I know it will be a process, but owning and running this small business hopefully will make me realize that I have to roll with the punches and chill out a little bit. I am excited and nervous to have something to force me to chill out.

If you ever have any ideas of what I can make for you (invitations for a shower, calling cards, variety packs of cards listed), let me know! I would love to do that for you.

xo, Alicia

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