Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Commencement of training!

Happy Wednesday!

This week commenced my training for the Flying Pig half marathon (see my training guide through Hal Higdon here). Monday was a stretch/strength I did that while I taught a mat class in Loveland.:) (I feel like I cheated, though, because I was leading the class and doing what I wanted to do to stretch and strengthen. I was supposed to go to someone else's class--that was the plan anyway.)

Yesterday I was supposed to run 3 miles...I ran 2 and then just wasn't feeling the treadmill after that so I quit and lifted weights with Patrick for a little while (I am so scared to go into that area if Patrick isn't with me. I also make him stay with me until I understand the machine so I don't look like a fool.). This is what I like about the half marathon distance--there's no pressure at this point to be able to run 12 miles or anything ridiculous like that. I can run two and that's okay because, in the end, 13.1 miles isn't 26.2. Simply stated.

Today's schedule was running 5 x 400 at a 5-K pace, which in layman's terms is running 1.25 miles as fast as you can, but taking a break every quarter of a mile. I ran my 400s at an 8:06 pace--not to brag (some of you are thinking what's to brag about?! Haha), but for me that is FAST! I'm not known to be a fast runner. People who have run with me in the past think that I'm walking actually. I will tell you though I think my quickness is from all this glitter I'm inhaling from making cards. Or maybe it could be the Pilates...?!

Aside from that, today I was able to make some more inventory of my cards, so they are all ready for you to buy up!

xo, Alicia

PS- If you are reading this, please add me to your feed or follow me or whatever you do! I hope that my posts keep you coming back, but it is much easier to keep reading when something is collecting the posts for you! Thanks and have a lovely evening!


  1. Yo! I love following your life. Is that weird??
    Me and Kate and our brother are running a half in April... We're only at the five mile mark.
    Everytime I think of running like this, I think of that awful Portugal race.

  2. hi Cory!! 5 miles is good i think...i don't have to run 5 miles, according to hal higdon, for another week and a half...nice:)

  3. :) Yes. I like reading your life too. A LOT.

  4. Don't worry, I AM doing the 26.2, and I've cheated the distance on my last 2 runs! The snow put me on the treadmill, and I just got so darn sick of it.


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