Friday, October 21, 2011

San Francisco Recap + Happy Friday

Happy Friday! So I've pulled out my winter coat already since it's so cold in Ohio. I can not believe that Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are almost upon us already...I, for one, am pretty excited though:)

Last weekend was the Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco, of which I ran the half marathon. So it was way, way, way harder than I had expected it to be (although I should have known because everyone whom I told where the race was going to be sort of gave me this, "Oh, wow, it's going to be really hilly, isn't it?" to which I replied, "Well the website says there's no cable car hills, so I don't think so!" to which I was so, so wrong. There weren't "cable car hills" technically, but there was something pretty darn close to it for what felt like about half of the race!). But focusing on more positive things...the weather was absolutely perfect, I had a great time with my girl Megan, I saw my name on Niketown SF (all the marathon/half participant names were on the wall outside!!), made some great memories with Susie who rocked the full marathon, got a Tiffany finisher's necklace, and it was just a really fun city to finally get to visit. Some of my favorite bloggers (Anne from The City Sage and Jordan from Oh Happy Day!) are from there, so it was nice to see where they write from!

(all photos by me)

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  1. GET IT GIRL! :) So glad you're still running!


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