Sunday, October 9, 2011


My family is pretty big. If you were to ask me what my plans for the weekend are, 25% of the time I will always respond by saying, "Oh, we're just celebrating ___________'s birthday." That blank being someone in my family. I love love celebrating birthdays though. We recently celebrated my nephew Garrett's THIRD birthday and my sweet mom's 60th!

I like making the day a little special, a little festive, but I am not a good ahead-of-time planner for these things. So the day before I think and think of what I can do to help make it special. I usually turn to Jordan for some inspiration--she's my kind of girl, totally adorable and totally attainable party decor.

My sister and brother-in-law helped me hang the crepe paper garlands behind the island (just used regular tape attached to the ceiling) for a little backdrop (it was a snap with two people helping), and the cake decor was just letters printed on cardstock and cut out with a circle punch glued to skewer sticks cut in half! Done and done!

What are your favorite quickie party decor ideas?

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