Saturday, May 28, 2011

Blogging about Food

So I have this list of goals for the year that is in pretty plain view on my desk every day. One thing on this list is to learn to be a better cook/become more comfortable in my kitchen, that kind of thing. I'm usually not home at dinner time and if I am, even though my goal is to become more comfortable in the kitchen, I'm not likely to be in the kitchen since I'm not really at ease there (nice little Catch-22 there). Anyway, I have been reading a couple blogs that are really quite inspirational...I need easy, quick ideas + these two blogs really have great options for me there!

So the first one is The Naptime Chef. I found her through Babble's Food Kitchen Blog. She's great because not only does she have these easy recipes (like for a Walnut-Tarragon Chicken Salad without mayo!), but also tips (like what to bring for a picnic).

The next one is Gimme Some Oven. First off, her photography is awesome. Secondly, she has a list of her recipes itemized by how-tos, appetizers, cheese, cookies, etc. It's really great and not too overwhelming like some lists like that can be.

Do you have any tips or websites you'd like to share with me to help me in my kitchen? :) Hope your weekend is great!!


  1. Alicia, you should really check out this lady's cite:

    I'm all about her desserts, but she has everything! Even themed meals! It's quite fun to look through :)


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