Monday, January 10, 2011

Functional Living

With our recent move and getting settled in to the new place, I have been trying to find better solutions to organize our things. And it seems like a good time to do this with it being a new year + being in a new place! Martha has about a million and one ideas for organizing your home and your life. Like using small bins or trays to corral like items together--in your pantry or your bathroom or your bedroom or in your closet (you get the idea).

I love this idea--grouping a set of sheets together by putting the matching set into one pillow case. This looks a whole lot nicer than the way I currently store mine (stuffed into a chest).

And then there's the laundry room. Our new laundry room is in a "mud room" of sorts right off the garage. Actually, we have to take a couple steps outside to get to it, as there isn't a door directly from inside the house to the laundry . It also shares the same space as the furnace. So it's kinda dingy. I would love to paint it with a fresh coat to give it a facelift (but that probably won't be happening till the weather warms up). In the meantime, using these organization tips like adding some shelving so that the things you use most are right within reach would be perfect.

Ah, the office. I love the idea of adding more wall shelving to hold bins and magazine files--that would really declutter the place!

What a sweet idea--using a simply framed bulletin board to hang your keys on. You could definitely DIY this with some items from your local hardware store. The perfect combination--cute and functional!

What are your favorite organizational tips? Have you made any goals to organize during this year or month?

[Photo credits: Martha Stewart]

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  1. woah--putting the sheets into the pillowcase. It's so simple and I would have NEVER thought of it on my own!! Hmm...organizing tips...I think color coding clothes in the closet makes everything feel more organized (even if it's crammed full of stuff that needs to be sorted!). It just looks nicer, and makes things easier to put away and find again (which maybe leads to more organization?) :)


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