Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Beating those Winter Blues

With winter approaching and shorter days with less sunlight on the horizon, a lot of us have to find ways to combat those old blues (or is it the "mean reds?"). Whole Living has a great article about easy ways we can increase our feel-good hormones and boost our outlook on life.

My favorite from the list is to get out and do something active. I was working with one of my Pilates clients yesterday who has a ton of stress in her life from her job, her family, everything you deal with I'm sure as well! She kept saying how glad she was to be there, just moving her body and how good it makes her feel during that hour we're working and then for the rest of the day. I'm beginning to train for my (first!) full marathon, and I can't tell you the benefit I felt yesterday just from my little three-mile run on the treadmill. So get out there and get moving! Your body and your mind will definitely be grateful.

[Photo Credits: Runner, Yoga]

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