Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Happy Friday once again! Thanks to everyone who has joined in on following my blog in the past few weeks. I really appreciate it! Do you have any plans for the weekend ahead? I have a wedding to attend tomorrow--I'm very excited for the sweet bride and her groom.

Until Monday, here are some things to look through:

* How to rock a bake sale

* Ponies that paint

* The online magazine, Rue, launched yesterday! (that will keep you occupied for a good while!)

[Photo credit: Pia Ulin via Lushlee]

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  1. Well I just looove talking to you, so here's a little comment for you :)
    I miss you dearly and have had fun looking at your blog here. I'm getting ready to look at your suggestions for things to do even though I am supposed to be planning lessons for A Separate Peace for my 9th graders . . . I love you my dear Alicia.


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