Wednesday, July 7, 2010

You Run Like a Girl

If you run (or even if you don't!), you might have noticed a rise in popularity of running skirts as you hit the trails or the gym (or even on women around town at the grocery or wherever). I was first introduced to the concept of running in a skirt a couple years ago through a Runner's World article.

This style first gained its recent recognition when Nicole DeBoom won the 2004 Ironman Wisconsin triathlon in a skirt she had designed and made herself (wow -- athletic + crafty!). Since then, she has started a company called SkirtSports where you can find attractive, comfortable apparel to run in. I love the concept -- looking girly while you kick butt!

She has also started something called the Skirtchaser 5k series. The first race was female only, but after its huge success Nicole incorporated men into the race: women get a three minute headstart, and then the men take off to see who can make it to the finish line first. Cute idea.

There are three races posted on her website (Vancouver, WA; Denver, CO; and Minneapolis, MN), so if they are close to you, check it out. I wish one was close to me! My husband got me a running skirt last year, and I love wearing it. It is bright orange and made by New Balance, and it really is so comfortable! I definitely recommend them. Have you ever tried wearing one? What are your thoughts?

xo, Alicia

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  1. i LOVE my running skirt! there's something to be said about feeling pretty while working hard and sweating!


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