Monday, July 12, 2010

Blog Love for Petite Alma

I found Petite Alma the other day and was immediately smitten--they have such a terrific collection of photos, illustrations, and great finds to share. Not to mention I love their tagline: "a stylish blog for tiny people." (I am one of the taller ones in my immediate family of six at the towering height of 5'3".)

These Sevilla prints make me so happy! I have a couple prints like these hanging on my wall from when I studied there.

Aren't these city prints from The Heads of State great? I would love to have a couple of these + they are running a special right now--half of all purchases go to relief efforts in the Gulf.

Another great find on Petite Alma--these New York City prints are a collection by online magazine Neue. They have done collections of Barcelona + the next city they will cover is Hong Kong.

Hope your day is great today! Thanks for dropping in:)
xo, Alicia


  1. where do i find these girly? they're so cool :)

  2. yes- these city prints are incredible! my friend is having a baby, and they just moved from chicago and are mourning the change. i think this would be the perfect nursery gift! :)

  3. @ Kate- here are some sevilla prints i found on amazon. they are a little pricier than what i would probably pay, but it's a start!
    next the heads of state prints can be found right here:
    then, the NY ones...the list of artists that did the series is here: and collection of all the different prints is here:

    @aspiring kennedy- that would be perfect! how sweet and modern for a nursery. i love it!

  4. Ok- so since i posted that, i've been rifling through the websites your posted trying to find the best combo. i am overwhelmed. i think i just found a project for beth at hello, splendor to help on. :)

    Great find Alicia!


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