Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy Weekend:)

Whew, this week flew by, did it not? Can't believe it is June already.

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Which means it's the husband's birthday next Tuesday! Doesn't that cake look amazing? (Chocolate is his favorite!) I am so glad that we eat cake on birthdays. And I'm glad I have a lot of family whose birthdays I get to celebrate by eating cake. Seriously, is there anything better?!

And now during your weekend leisure time, a few links to click through:

*I wish I lived close to this macaron shop in Mexico. (The website is in Spanish, but the photos are the main attraction, let's be honest!) A little closer to home, you can make your own macarons. (I didn't try the I've said, I don't cook or bake very much! If you try it, let us know how it is.)

*I just received my first Toast catalog in the mail (all the way from the UK!). It was so fun looking through. Toast has so many beautiful clothes and housewares. My husband even liked looking through it. He said the photos in it made him wish we could go visit wherever it was they were taken!

*Lastly, a DIY project to make your own fabric tape to decorate packages!

What are your plans this weekend? xo, Alicia

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  1. my plans are to do some serious house cleaning followed by some chocolate chip pancakes.


    xo Alison


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