Thursday, April 1, 2010

{New items!}

Well, well, well--it has indeed been a busy past week here in my little world. They say creativity comes in spurts, and I'm starting to think I agree with "them." I just added EIGHT brand new items to my shop. WHOA! I hadn't added anything new in a long time it seemed. {The thing is, there's still a couple more things I didn't have time to add before I had to run out the door to teach Pilates tonight!}

So, like I was saying, creativity came in a big spurt this past week. I had been wanting to add new things to my shop for a while, but I had literally fourteen {just kidding i didn't LITERALLY always have FOURTEEN things going on, April Fools! okay, bad joke.} other things that I just felt had to be done before I could open Illustrator and get those vectors creating something!:) But, now I think it was just that it wasn't the right time...I wouldn't have liked it {I never do like what comes when I force myself to be creative} and you wouldn't have either. But now we will both like it--I hope!:) Please check these new items out:

"Selected Audrey Hepburn Quotes Collection"

"Personalized Signature Notecard"

"Photo Corner - Feel Better Soon Card"

And there's more to come, so keep a look out!

One thing I learned today is that if I add the tag #etsy on twitter to any tweet about an item in my etsy shop, there are automatically 10 views of my card, which I think is pretty sweet--ah, technology!

And another thing I learned is that my sweet husband, Patrick, always has my back and is able to help me more than HE even knows. I am in love with him!!


  1. So cute - love the Audrey quotes, perfect for a walk in closet

  2. thanks so much!! great to see you on my page--i just LOVE reading your blog:) one of my first stops when i catch up in my reader!


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